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It would probably take an experienced eye to spot this building was a pub. An unusual feature is how it seems to stick out into the street as far as it does.  The reason is simple . . .it doesn't, the buildings each side were 1960's construction having been built back from the original street line.


2011 Update.

I've never known this building as a pub. Unfortunately it never seems to last very long as a retail unit either. I do believe it was once an Athena Poster shop when they were all the rage back in the day.

The front of the building has pub like features, but the sides seem to be a modern rebuild  making this building a bit of a hybrid -  certainly confusing to the eye.





Known Landlords

1892 - F Marshall
1899 - Thomas Butcher
1901 - Thomas Butcher as the Victoria Inn
1914 - M Colins
1931 - AE Blanks