This page is the problem page, here we have placed snippets of information we have come across that may or may not be pubs or licensed premises. Clubs seem to feature a lot, are they private drinking clubs or hotels, we don't know, do you? If you can resolve anything we would be very grateful indeed.


 Admiral Nelson

  Was there once a pub called the Admiral Nelson in Worthing? Might this have been its first name later to be changed to one we're more familiar with or a known pub with a short term name change?

A list from Tamplins clearly shows an Admiral Nelson in 1855 possibly belonging to George Henty.

Also listed is the Nelson Hotel in South Street which leads me to think they are two different properties but there is a difference of some 40 years between to two.

 Checkers Bar - Resolved


Billy Baker, owner of The Checkers and Checkers Sports Bar on the seafront, had his licences revoked after an all-day hearing in front of Worthing magistrates on Monday.

This news item from 2002 names a bar on the seafront, what was it called before and after, is it still a bar?

Thanks to Ben Cullen we now know it became the Royal Stewart and then Tangerine.


 Executive Club


Executive Club 1968: Later to become the Overseas Club.
owned by Max Eichen Hoffer. Max also owed a microwave shop in Newlands Road. (Thanks to Chris Taylor)

Refused new license. Residents lodged complaints of noise, car doors slamming in the early hours.
Worthing Magistrate ruled the Executive Club in Newlands road would only be renewed if the premises closed at 11.40pm. They had not complied.
The club was formally the Worthing and district trades’ council club.
(Worthing Herald Feb 14th 1968)



1961: Private club, Brunswick Road, Harold Foster (Sentinel Oct 2010)

May have just been a restaurant along with the Paragon.
Possibly closed in the 1990's. (Martin Boakes)

Confirmed as a restaurant by  Roger Davies - had a slight Italian leaning.


 Granville Club



1961, Vic Chambers.


 Overseas Club


1975: Max Eichenhofer was the proprietor of the overseas club, which had a private membership of 350, in Marine Parade.


 Ocean Night Club


1962: The Ocean nightclub, Marine parade, was described as Worthing’s favourite nightspot for teenagers and foreign students. Jack Hope.


 Paragon - Resolved


Advert in Worthing Gazette 1968 describes the Paragon closing for a few days for a refit. Listed as 9-10 Brunswick Road, fully licensed cocktail bar.

Paragon – I don’t know if this was ever a bar in its own right (it might have been in 1968 – before my time). But in the 1990’s it was a good quality restaurant  a few doors down from the Brunswick pub and across the road from the Beach Hotel car park. I remember going there with my parents for the odd special occasion and being bemused that between courses the waiters served Iced sorbets and Black Russian cigarettes (for the adults who were smokers!). The restaurant has definitely closed now and I think it’s been turned into flats. Ben Cullen



 Portland Club


300 members, ladies and Gentlemen. Residential accomadation, ballroom and cocktail bar (Sunny Worthing Vol 1 1933)
Portland Club: The old premises at the Portland Club have been acquired by Mr Tullett, re-opened as The Tully’s Club (Sunny Worthing Vol 1 1933)
Portland Club: The Club in Portland road has reopened and is now known as the Lodge Club
(Sunny Worthing Vol 1 Jan 1934)