The building was originally called Upper Northbrook Farm House and was built is 1852. In 1994, there were plans to turn it in to a church but these were rejected by the then owners Worthing Borough Council.

It became The Farm House in around 2003. A modern barn effect building was added as a restaurant. It was re-named the Trout in about 2008. It has since reverted to its original name. There is a large pond behind the building that may have been a trout pond and given its name to the pub/restaurant.

Status unknown - possible private house


October 2011 and a visit to the recently renamed Farmhouse.

Marketed as a gastro pub, the main entrance does invite you to just pop in for a pint and the pressure to dine isn't too overwhelming. However, after a glance of the dining area you would be inclined to come back with friends.

A modern but comfortable design with outside seating both front and rear.

Sadly, there is little sign of its 1860's heritage.


Known landlord/manager  

Chapman Group
2010 - Alan Linton