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Built in 1967 by the Tamplins group, it is currently part of the Fayre & Square chain of restaurant pubs. The name is derived from the Sussex Yeoman Cavalry. I believe on its opening day, a representative of the Sussex Cavalry was present. A uniform used to reside in the entrance in a display case.
Special thanks to Glen for this picture taken in the 1970s. We might dare to say this is one of the earliest known.
Mark O'Keeffe informs us that it was his father, Joseph O'Keeffe, who constructed the Welcome sign. Andy O'Keeffe, Mark's brother, confirms this and adds that their father also did some of the

other landscaping as well as the paving in the corner of the car park that used to be a short cut into the park beyond.




Known landlords

Ernest (Fred) & Eileen Steer - dates unknown
Ron Stafford - dates unknown
1975 - 80s Ron & Marion ?
1981? - 1985 Eddie and Carol Griffin