Opened around 2000. Closed on the 1st of January 2017. A wetherspoons pub. Ex carpet shop.

"The name was unveiled at the new Wetherspoons hostelry in Chapel Road, Worthing, yesterday. Poet Percy Bysshe Shelley was born at Field Place, Warnham, near Horsham, on August 4, 1792. He later moved to Castle Goring. His father, Sir Timothy Shelley, owned the land the pub now stands on.

A Wetherspoons panel opted for the name after researchers investigated the history of Worthing and came up with a list of possibilities. Options included the Vine and Fig, because during the 19th Century Worthing gained a reputation for growing quality figs, grapes, cucumbers and tomatoes.

Another possibility was to call the drinking-hole the Oscar Wilde as the playwright wrote The Importance of Being Ernest in the town in 1894. A further option was to call it the John Worthing, the hero of Wilde's play. Percy Shelley was best known for his songs and poems including Ode To A Skylark and Adonais.
He married Mary Godwin who later wrote Frankenstein." -  From Argus newspaper 6th December 2000