The Running Horse was a popular town centre pub which sat comfortably in a side road known as Paragon Street. Sadly it, and the street, disappeared in 1961 with the creation of the bowling alley and multi-storey car park above.

This is the only known picture where the pub.  The swing sign is clearly visible, but that's about the best we're going to get. Unless of course a better one comes to light.

May also have been known as the Jolly Fisherman or Fisherman's Arms. The emblem above the sign looks very much like that of the Phoenix Brewery.


We had originally thought that Paragon Street was well under the bowling ally car park and shops and all trace removed but further research seems to show that its still there - and in use, but as an alley to the car park. This may explain its current width.

Known landlord/manager Snippet

1835 - Edward Stilwell
1855 - 1878 Frederick George Carter
1890 - Henry Finnis
1915 - 1931 TM Cornford
1961 - Demolished

1832: And on Saturday last a fellow of the name of Holden was committed to Horsham gaol, charged with breaking into the house of Mr. Stilwell, who keeps the Fisherman's Arms in Paragon Buildings.