Used to be The Scooby-do coffee bar, later briefly the Locomotive, became Viking Coffee Bar about 1970. Premises were were about 5 or 6 steps down from street level, & had a ceiling arched along its length like a tunnel. Became a licensed bar under present name in the 1990's. (Roger)

Left: A picture sent in by Mark Abbott of the Crow Bar who remembers it as a bikers and hippies hang out.


Thomas McGuckin applied to open a cider bar at 2 Ann street, but the application was refused on the grounds that the premises were unsuitable. The building (a cellar type property) was formality the Scoobidoo Coffee Bar. (Worthing Gazette 1968)

Once known as the Crow Bar

Update: information has come my way from Colin.
The Viking Coffee bar, this  became The Charles Dickens Restaurant. A small and as you can imagine, intimate affair, whose reasonably priced fare really consisted of what most would call pub grub. I went there a few times and can remember enjoying it. After becoming  the Charles Dickens, it did indeed become The Crow Bar. I frequented it a few times - it had become the domain of Heavy Metal fans I recall.

Renamed Cheers II in 2010.

Additional: Steve Coombes has recently informed us that during the first Typhoid outbreak in Worthing, it was used as a temporary morgue.

Colin & Sarah Shaw have been running the Cheers II bar now for a couple of years (2009), surprisingly they have no future plans for the bar but due to the limited space expansion is out of the question, however as Colin says, its a single bar, easy to manage, low overheads and a regular clientele which keeps it ticking over happily and they see no reason to change. Very popular for private parties up to 50.

It was mentioned that it may have been called the 'Tube' for a short period of time, this is unconfirmed.