This sea front bar had traded under many names, the most popular and best remembered is that of the Royal Stewart although it had previously been the Blue Orchid, Kazbah, Boots, Checkers and currently  the Tangerine.

The picture (left) kindly donated by Colin, shows the man himself on the prom opposite the bar -  no doubt having sampled some of the delights on offer.



Checkers Bar –This was one of the variations of the Kasbah/Tangerine Bar on the sea front. I seem to remember The Sports Bar was on the right (looking North with Sea behind you), and the Main bar on the left… you entered through the main entrance and turned left or right depending on preference. It was all done out in Black and White hence the ‘Checkers’ name.

Ben Cullen 


Published on Thursday 26 September 2002 16:37

POLICE have acted to shut down a Worthing bar which was at the centre of World Cup violence in the town. Billy Baker, owner of The Checkers and Checkers Sports Bar on the seafront, had his licences revoked after an all-day hearing in front of Worthing magistrates on Monday. But today it was business as usual because Mr Baker can stay open for 21 days, which is the period he has in which to decide whether to lodge an appeal against the decision. If Mr Baker does appeal he will be allowed to stay open until a judge sitting at Chichester Crown Court makes a ruling. The action against The Checkers comes in the wake of the riotous conditions which broke out in the town centre after England's World Cup draw against Sweden. Bottles and glasses were hurled at police during the incident, which started at The Checkers in Marine Parade.

Officers had to use pepper spray but even then were forced to withdraw from the pub and reinforcements had to be sent to the town, which was packed with families. Senior officers later described the incident as "the worst they had seen for some time" and warned they were considering action against the pub. In a statement after the court hearing, Worthing police said: "We would like to emphasise that action such as this is only taken as a last resort when cooperation with operators of licensed premises ceases to work." Mike Webb, licensing officer for the Highdown division said: "The World Cup incident certainly did not help but there has been, over a period of time, other instances of Mr Baker not taking police advice, poor management and other licensing offences.

Mr Baker did appeal (retaining the licence) which was later transferred to Brian Chapman