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Make-over at the Richard Cobden is underway - Opening on the first of July - more pictures then
The Cobden Arms - Now the only pub remaining in a street that had three!

Built in 1868 by the Rock Brewery of Brighton.

Special thanks to Carol Sullivan and her mother for permission to use a family picture and also a copy of the family history which I shall be delving into very soon.

Patrick Dalton, the landlord in 1986, had a ban on duke box's in the pub.

The pub was named after the political activist Richard Cobden who was born near Midhurst in 1804.



Keeping up a tradition: Steve Walker, the current landlord of the Richard Cobden, sent in the modern picture of the regulars in a joint celebration of the Royal Wedding and the coronation of George V, depicted on the left, one hundred years ago this year. (click the modern picture to enlarge)

Something of a rarity these days, pub games. I was pleased to discover, tucked away in a quite corner, a selection of board games, cards and amazingly a Shove ha'penny board.

This is a pub that doesn't have a pool table but offers these more subdued activities.


Bit of a mystery this one. Bolted high up on a far wall is this curious ship porthole, complete with storm cover.

The legend on the clock face reads, HMS Loyalty - Harland & Wolff - Sank on the 22nd of August 1944.

The ship HMS Loyalty (J217), a mine sweeper was sunk in the English channel by a German U-boat with the loss of 20 lives. 30 survived.

Does anyone know why it now graces a pub wall?


REFIT - Open July 2017

Known landlords

1878 -
Alfred Thompson
1881 - Alfred Thompson
1890 - Alfred Thompson
1899 - S W Fairweather
1905 - S W Fairweather
1915 - Frederick Tupper
1931 - F Tupper
1953 - Harold Carter
1986 - Pat & Margaret Dalton