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RAMBLER - WEST STREET - 1830 to 1931

The first, and probably last picture of the Rambler Inn in West Street. The pub closed in 1931 and the building taken over by Fletchers Fruit and Veg Merchants after remaining derelict for some time.


Today its place has been taken by Wyvern Court. Oddly, the Worthing Friendly Burial Society was formed in the inn before moving to the Spaniard.



In 1831 the Rambler is given a brief mention in a book entitled Watering Places of Great Britain. Whilst the book extols the virtues of the better hotels and drinking places along the sea front, it does go on the say "and for the less wealthy grade of traveller and sojourners the Rambler in West Street. These houses, as may be imagined, vary as to the scale of prices and corresponding accommodation".


? - William Cook
1839 - Thomas Wicks
1855 - Thomas Wicks
1859 - T Wicks
1866 - T Wicks
1878 - Alfred Poland
1890 - George Heaysman
1899 - William Norris
1905 - James Colvil
1915 - William George Cornford

Closed 1931