PRINCE OF WALES 1880 to 1895

You could easily walk past this building without realising it used to be a pub. So far we haven't found any evidence that it lasted much more than 15 years. The Rose & Crown is literally across the narrow road, in fact, they both live on the corner of Montague Street and West Street. Building a pub opposite another is not perhaps the most sensible thing to do.

Looking at the building as a whole, it seems to lack those pub characteristics; ground floor windows are sparse, there are no obvious features, it just doesn't work . . . or does it.

Some closer inspection starts to give clues as to its past. The ornate ends of the signage in this example on the left. Note also the modern sign hides the original one behind it. And did you notice the position of the front door on the first picture? -  classic corner entrance, not exclusive to pubs of course, but common nonetheless.


Another intriguing feature is the street name plate easily missed. Why is it so low? Two reasons I can think of, the first is that no one could be bothered to mount it higher up above the shop sign or, and this is the one I favour . . . there was a window above it!

It is reasonably clear from the picture on the right, that the rendering above the sign is smooth whilst where the sign is mounted and below it is rough cast. This, in my mind, shows it to be below a now bricked up window.

Another clue perhaps? Unfortunately, this sort of relief plaster or mortar plaque was very common on retail shops from grocers to tailors and so is inconclusive.




1880 to 1895
Census 1881
landlord Frederick Edward Scrase