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The Parsonage in Tarring Village, has always been known as a quality restaurant, and under normal circumstances wouldn't be listed here. That was until, on the 28th of August 2011, it opened up a bar.

Initially it was a single pump serving (I believe) Harveys. Now it boasts four real ales pumps as well as up to two ciders.

The owner, Wayne Lowrie (ex Savoy chef) took over the property in 1987 and remains there to this day.

It was an unusual step at a time when bars were turning more towards food, and Wayne did the opposite!


The building itself dates back to the 15th century and made up what was known as Parsonage Row. The building has many distinctive features, the most obvious from the outside is the jetted (over-hanging) first floor.

The main structure of the building is authentic as is the majority inside. it is notable that the outside is better engineered than internally. This was common practice, the best bits on show to the passing public.

One of the first things you will notice on entering, is that nothing is quite straight, but this does give it an endearing factor. Just try not to trip over the beams on the floor between rooms.

Being a listed building, great care has been given to show off its features to best effect. Because of these restrictions, the bar area is small, but adjoining rooms serve to solve that problem. 

The previous owners were the Sussex Archaeological Trust and run as a museum. sadly, the cost of maintaining the building proved to be excessive and it was sold into private hands. The picture opposite is an example of how it was used.
A postcard that has recently come to light, is this early internal shot of the Parsonage when it was a dwelling house. Those that are familiar with this bar will spot the clues confirming that they are one and the same.