The original Old House at Home in Broadwater.

It may be considered an unusual name for a pub but its actually a popular one. It is said to be based on a Victorian song of that title. The building began as a beer house and didn't adopt the name until around 1907.

The picture left, shows Alice Margaret Guiel daughter of George Guiel (foreground) and Elizabeth Smith Guiel, George's wife.



The picture left and above left show George Guiel himself - extreme left.
Undated postcard shows a view down Broadwater Street East. Reassuringly perhaps, the local fire engine is stored next door.

The extension that meets the road was part of the pub and clearly displays the sale of Ales & Stouts from the Chapman Brewery in Worthing.
Our thanks to Peter Butler for this picture. Peter's Grandfather Bill Bayley is positioned bottom right.  Dated 1953. Can you identify anyone else?
The pub was rebuilt in 1925in a more modern style (at the time) and kept the flint facing and added stone mullion windows.





Known landlord/manager

From: The Worthing Journal

1832 - Beer house
1891 - Harry Field
1907 - First mention of  'Old House at Home' name
1925 - Demolished and rebuilt
1970/80's - Pam & Harry Scutt

1995: Old House at Home pub tenant Jennifer Stringer, 48, who was voted Britain's Shortest Landlady by trade magazine The Licensee, got married at Worthing Register Office. She was 4ft 8ins tall.