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The North Star situated on the Littlehampton Road in to Worthing. Thought to have been the site of a beer house since 1851.

Specialises in food and real ale.


From this over-lay map of 1912, you can clearly see the boundary walls that mark the extensive plot of land where the original North Star Beer House once stood. The building is marked in red.

Some of the original tree line that ran along the southern edge of the then country lane still remain, although road widening and straitening have slightly altered its course.

Up until 1912, it had been referred to as a Beer House (BH) on maps.  

We have recently been handed a negative strip of film showing the outside of the building thought to date to the 1970s which we will develop shortly. For now here's' a glimpse pre-possessing . . .

1853 - Mr Edmunds (Beer House called North Star)
1871 - Charles Humphrey
1881 - Charles Humphrey
1890 - Henry or Harry Reed

1901 - Susan E Curd
1899 -
Elizabeth Curd  
1905 - Elizabeth Curd
1915 - George Willard
1928 - Rebuilt
2011 -
Steve Sayer

A member of the Embers Inns Group

Undated Landlords thought to have been the 1970s from a list kindly supplied.

Dave & Jean Spicer
John & Wendy Freeman
Richard & Pat ?
Gerald & Deborah ?
Ron & Gill Bennett
Derrick & Hilary
? & Julia Cheetham
Ash & Lyn Woodford
Mark & Barbara ?
Grant & Celine ?