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NORFOLK - CHAPEL ROAD 1850 to 2005
Built in 1850

Later known as
Flappers, Space Bar, Area 51, MIB and 3TO.
Demolished in 2005/6

3TO apparently stood for THIS THAT & THE OTHER

We are grateful to Jan and Vince Flowers for the picture above. Dated around 1950 it shows family and friends enjoying an evening at the Norfolk. So far all but two have been named. Are you there or do you know who's not indetified?


"Norfolk Hotel" - in mid-1980s. The then licensee was Paul Callister (previously of Tiroler Bar), who I have been told, was found passed out in the bar one morning and was subsequently relieved of his licence.  Paul is I believe recovered and still with us, I'm glad to say.

Russell Wainscote: Russell ran the Norfolk in the 1960's, he used to play professional football for Leeds United 1925 to 1931.


This picture of a woman and child was taken in the 1950s, walking past the front of the Norfolk Pub. Note that it was a Tamplin's Ale pub. The woman is Joan Morley and the young girl, (a cousin) is Carol Morley. Our tanks to Sharon de Coursy for the photograph. Sharon is the daughter of Joan.

Known landlords

1850 - G Stent
1855 - James Grenyer - listed as
Norfolk Arms
1856 - James Grenyer
1861 listed as
Norfolk Inn - James Grenyer (Greenyer)
1891 listed as
Norfolk Hotel - Charles Botting
1931 - HC Woodford
1955 - 1965 William Wainscote
1965 - Eric & Connie Stuart
1980's Paul Callister.
1988 - 1990 Alan Epps
1990 - 1992 Gary & Bridget Walters
1992 - 2002 Mark & Karen Grimwade


Norfolk Arms
Norfolk Inn
Norfolk Hotel
1989 Flappers Bar & Twenties Nightclub
1999 Area 51 nightclub & Space Bar
2002 3TO