The Maple Leaf was demolished in 2002 to make way for an extension to the Tesco Superstore staff car park.

The pub itself tended to draw the 'wrong element' locally -  not necessarily inside the building itself but youths loitering outside. Attempts were made to sell it on, but probably removal was the best thing at that time.


The grass patch is all that remains up to 2010. Since then the superstore in the background has been rebuilt at the far end of the site and the whole area is now a massive car park for the store.


Published on Thursday 23 October 2003. Worthing Herald

A DURRINGTON pub may be demolished to make the area safer for local residents. Tesco, which owns the site, wants permission to knock down The Corner House and convert it to a landscaped parking area for its adjacent superstore. The pub was a trouble flash-point for years before the leaseholding brewery company closed it several months ago. Now, its doors and windows are blanked off with steel shutters and the ravages of neglect are already beginning to make themselves evident on the building. Paul Goodenough, speaking for Tesco's agents, told the Herald that the idea was to make the area more secure. "There is a car park just behind the pub, but no-one wants to use it because it is hidden from view and it is a meeting point for youngsters. The pub has contributed to continued problems of vandalism and unacceptable behaviour. Since the pub was closed the problems have been greatly reduced. The brewery company is in the process of surrendering its lease. We are unsure of the reasons for it closing, but it could be it was unprofitable to run." Mr Goodenough said the redeveloped area would be well lit, further increasing security. He hoped this better lighting would eventually be extended to the rest of Tesco's car parking area.

News of the pub's possible demise is being welcomed by vandalism-plagued local residents, who feel that the area can only be better off without The Corner House. Durrington county councillor Nick Rodgers has long been championing these residents and seeking ways to improve the youngsters' behaviour. "This application is a positive move," he told the Herald. "The Tesco site influences the safety of the community around it. "This pub has been a blot on the landscape for many, many years. Hopefully, we can now have a safer environment. "Tesco recognises there is a problem and they are taking steps to deal with it and I commend them for it. I don't think there will be many Durrington residents complaining about the demolition of The Corner House." Mr Rodgers continued: "Kids hang around the Tesco complex on the basis that there is little else for them to do. The pub provides a perfect cover from the road. We, the local councils and police, are now working to get a youth club which will give the youngsters something to do." Mr Rodgers said they had virtually secured the pavilion building in Pond Lane for this purpose. "Now we need to get youth workers for the club and to make sure that local residents are not inconvenienced. We are looking carefully at that."

Known landlord/manager  

1986 - William & Muriel McCusker
Sharon & Steve - date unknown