The Lamb/The Park View -  Salvington Lane

At the end of March 2018 the Lamb closed for a much needed refit. It was to reopen as the Park View in late April under the management of its new Landlord, Steve Pease, a Worthing resident.

The Lamb pub was first recorded in a guide to Worthing town in 1809 deriving its name from the first Landlord who was of course, a shepherd.

Left shows a view down what is now Durrington Lane looking southwards. The building behind the horse and cart is the Lamb pub in what is thought to be the original unmodified structure.

The flint cottages on the left were demolished and the pub rebuilt slightly back from the position shown here. It's a little ironic that the flint cottages were only to be replaced within the last few years with - flint faced cottages.


April 2018 - The Park View

Furnished in a contemporary style has opened up this surprisingly roomy building. The north door enters the Public bar where the pool table has been removed giving more space for local bands and TV sports events.

The lounge bar, entered from the west side or south facing garden is twice the size and caters for family dining or just passing the time at the bar which offers 3 real ales.

The garden, notably far from level, is massive in comparison. The grassy mounds imply there was something underneath but a map of 1880 shows an empty space and has always been part of the original Inn.


Interesting to note an old style door bell on the south facing wall. Closer examination confirms by the different texture under the window that there would have been a door here at some time.

Known landlord/manager  

1809 - First record of the pub in a guide to the town
1839 - George Stafford (Owner Richard Tamplin)
1878 - Henry Mills
1890 - Henry Mills
1899 - Walter White
1905 - Walter White
1914 - Thomas Andrew Nash
1915 - George Sargent Arnold
1920 - rebuilt/re-modelled
1952 - 1984 Trevor & Mary Vaughan
1985 - 1999 Eddie and Carol Griffin
2018 - Steve Pease