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The only known picture of the Kings Arm's (unless you know better?).
As far as we are aware this view is of the back of the building. The alleyway on the right still exists.
This picture shows the Number 3 Platoon 'A' Company Sussex (Worthing) Home Guard. 17th December 1944.
The Landlord, Henry Jeffery Thomas Brackley is on the back row on the extreme left.
Jeff (as he was known) was also the Mayor of Worthing from 1954 - 55
The picture was kindly donated by Colin Reid from his personal family collection.

Identified so far:
Henry Brackley, the landlord of the Kings Arm's.

Edward Charles Payne, Grandfather of Colin Reid. "Number 3 Platoon was his original platoon. He left number 3 platoon, as Sergeant, on June 6th 1941 before taking the post of Company Sergeant Major till August 10th, that year when he took over the command of Number 4 platoon as Lieutenant EC Payne. It must have been an honour for him to be invited back to his old platoon to be photographed as the Home Guard was stood down." Colin Reid


Built around 1830.

Although the Kings Arms is a common name for a pub, there may have been a local connection with Kings Row -  a passage way a few doors along to the east which contained about 11 buildings, shown here running south between numbers 93 and 95.


Pictures anyone?



Known Landlords

1830 - James Wicks
1839 - James Wicks
1855 - Charles Jenkins
1856 - Sarah Jenkins
1859 - Mrs Sarah Jenkins
1866 - G Graves
1878 - John Stickland
1890 - John Stickland
1899 - Harry Reed
1905 -
Edward Brackley
1915 - Henry Brackley
1931 - HJ Brackley
1939 rebuilt in red brick
1938 - 1952 - Henry (Jeff) Brackley
1965 demolished - Now Millets.