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As you can see from the street plan further down, the Jolly Brewers was also a brewery. Clifton Road or 'New Town' as it was originally named,  had a selection of workers houses. Although very small, this compensated by very long back gardens ideal for growing fruit and veg. It has been said that some also grew hops for the brewery itself.
In 1909, G Gravet sold genuine home brew for one shilling a gallon in cask or bottle with tap.
The present Jolly Brewers, although still as wide as it was,  is barely a third of its original length. The brewery buildings has long since been lost under a local school building.
The centre section is now a car park for adjacent apartments.


Above Fred and Betty Haselgrove at the Jolly Brewers on their wedding day in 1950. On the right Fred and Betty still at the Brewers in 1970. Special thanks to Mrs B Groves for allowing us to use these pictures


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Example of a early rebuild, the public bar was vastly enlarged but still kept the idea of one bar serving all, including the off licence.


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MAY 2014

As of May 2014, the Jolly Brewers ceased trading. Clifton Road had been home to three pubs, the Clifton, the Jolly Brewers and the Cobden Arms (The Richard Cobden), alas only the last one survives. Many a rumour circulated as to its future. The most (un)popular  was another block of flats. Also, and very unlikely, was the idea that the land becomes part of the school behind, but considering that schools have been selling land of for housing I personally don't see this happening.

To be realistic, the pub probably won't be there at the end of the year.




One year later and all trace of the Jolly Brewers has disappeared forever.


1839 - William Knowles  as The Brewers Arms
1840 - William Knowles
1858 - Gravett
1866 - Thomas Gravett renamed
New Town Brewery
1871 - Rebecca Gravett (to 1881)
1891 - George Gravett (to 1911)
1915 - George Gravett
1920 - George Gravett
1923 - David Thomas Brazier (to 1939)
1934 - re-fronted in red brick

1939 - John Thomas Woolmore (to 1941)
1941 - Reginald Leslie & Ivy Streeter (to 1956)
1956 - Ivy Patricia Streeter (to 1975) - Known as Pat
1975 - Betty Hazelgrove
2012 - Sophie Lush & Lisa