Ye John Selden, to give it its proper title, was built around 1910 on the site of a previous pub, the Spotted Cow.

Taken around 1919, the picture on above shows Harry Wyatt, landlord at the time, and his wife Alice. The picture was taken in the garden of the pub.

The John Selden is named after the political activist, jurist and philosopher. He was born in Salvington in 1584.
The Spotted Cow years

We know the original building pre-dates 1879. Left: Census entry of 1881.


Known landlord/manager


Spotted Cow:

1871 - George Lewis
1881 - Frederick Smart
1878 - Samuel Hemsley
1890 - 1905 Frederick Ansfield
1905 - Mrs Ansfield

Ye John Selden:

1913 - 1925 Harry Wyatt
1925 - 1940 William Henry Kirk (To death of)
1940 - 1971 Eric William James Kirk (Son of above)
WW2 - Muriel Annie Kirk in husbands' war absence (suspected)
1971 - 1980s Theo Blake - Manager
2010 - Rod Stoneham

Special thanks to Jean Kirk - Granddaughter of  William Henry Kirk.