Welcome to www.worthingpubs.com, dedicated to researching the history of our local pubs.

This study is ongoing and we welcome contributions, stories, pictures etc that will expand our knowledge and bring back memories of times past.
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We at Worthing Pubs have spent the past coupe of years researching the history of our locals, it's a very slow process but rewarding in so many ways but we need your help.




We need more pictures and memories and would love to hear from people like you. Do you have pictures taken inside the pubs? family events, bar staff, landlords & ladies, team pictures of the darts club, billiards groups, parties, granddads old photo album or slides. Its not just the pubs, its the people that made them.




We are on the lookout for newspaper clippings, magazine articles, pub ledgers & receipts, brewery records, adverts, posters, menus, membership cards. maps, pub designs and blueprints, building plans etc.




One of the hardest things to find is original memorabilia.
What happened to the old pub sign from the Albion, burnt on a fire perhaps or tucked away in someone's loft. The terracotta tile of a cannon that stood over the doorway of the Cannon Brewery, in your garden perhaps. A beer pump handle from the Thieves Kitchen, an inscribed tankard, a quoits trophy, an old barrel from Chapman's Brewery as a water butt, all these things have perhaps little monetary value but a huge historical one and we'd love to photograph it.




Perhaps the rarest of all are memories, very rarely are they recorded, often passed on but more often forgotten.
Its not just the amusing stories that are of interest, the sad ones play a part too. What did people drink, what games did they play in the pub, was there a piano, dancing and dating. Perhaps you were they when they knocked down your local. Did the pub have a special character? Was there really a Brycream machine in the Gents?




If you have pictures, slides, postcards or printed matter we will scan or photograph it for posterity, you don't have to lend it to us, we'll come to you. If you wish remain nameless that's not a problem but we are happy to give credit to you. Memorabilia has of course a personal interest to you and we will simply take a few pictures at your convenience. You can of course send pictures to use via email or post. Memories aren't quite so portable but we'd be happy to visit you or meet up for a very informal chat and perhaps do an audio recording or just write it down.


Thank you for visiting we really do appreciate it.