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Built in 1927 on the edge of the site formally known as Elm Villa, which took its name from the elm trees that grew there. The Villa dated back to the 1800s. When the Engineers Arms in Broadwater closed the  licence was transferred here.

The south side of the building used to be surrounded by greenhouses, developing into allotment gardens in the 60s.

By the 70s, the area was redeveloped and a large roundabout installed with much of  the land lost to a main road - The Elms fortunately survived.

The north side of the building still displays a hand laid coloured mosaic depicting elm trees.


These two views above were taken at very different times. The Elms pub is not immediately identifiable as we are viewing from the north, looking south. It sits on the right-hand side of the photograph with the older version showing a large semicircular car park with the stand alone pub sign in a raised grass bed. The colour picture had been tilted and distorted to try an cover the same area as the original photograph.


Pictured right, Frank Forrow, landlord of the Elms. Our thanks to Sarah his granddaughter for the use of the picture. Dated approx 1955/6




A great bit of memorabilia here that I hope is original - a Tamplins/Phoenix clock made from the top of a beer barrel.

The two pictures below show where the inscription used to declare: Tamplins Ales, Wines & Spirits. 1927.


At this date, October 2015, the future of the Elms remains unknown. It presently sits vacant.;

A planning application was received in February 2016 to convert the property in to five flats, retaining the existing car park. The west facing rear of the property will see four, three bedroom houses constructed.


LANDLORDS: We have a definite lack of knowledge when it comes the the landlords (and landladies) of the Elms. The list below has many omissions and unconfirmed dates. Can you help?



Frank and Enid Forrow. They moved down from East London where they ran the White Horse (Thanks to Sarah House, granddaughter)

Charles Henry Woodford (Worthing Mayor 49 - 50) Moved to the Ham in 1961

Glen Wheatley - 2005
Tom & Jan Massey - Date unknown
Eddie and Joan O'Connell