DRAGOON - MARKET STREET - 1820 to 1969
Roger Cloake recalls:

"I well recall it as the "Dragoon", located I estimate at 3 or 5 or 7 Market Street. 1 Market Street still survives, on the corner with Chapel Road, & all the other buildings in the street were demolished in exchange for the Guildbourne (shame!); the pub was not far into the street, on the north side of the road. Landlord in the late 1960s was Ted McMurrich. In the back bar, the dartboard range was located across the doorway from which you entered the room from the front of the building, which made entry hazardous for the unwary!"

Originally the Volunteer Inn, and renamed Dragoon (date unknown). Demolished for Guildbourne shopping centre in 1969.

The 1962/3 Bar Billiards Champions. This picture kindly sent in by Chris Scott (featured left), was taken in the Dragoon pub and shows the champion team themselves. Dick White was the landlord at the time and Charles Bryant the League President, as well as the landlord of the Royal George. Chris Scott and Terry Denyer still play the game to this day.

Peter Walden recently got in touch and pointed out himself and Brian Matthews both on the right of Chris Scott. (2012) Chris Scott has now added Brian Winton, Kaye Precious & Nat Thorpe.

Are you there? Many pubs had teams, not just Bar Billiards but Quoits and Shove Halfpenny too, Do you have any pictures?




A view down Market Street looking East. The swing sign for the Dragoon visible in the top left hand corner.

2011: The original sign come up for auction at Denhams. Described as 'An enamelled and metal double sided sign removed from the Dragoon public house Worthing. 62" x 39", slight enamel blister on one side.' And the price you wonder ? . . 400 to 600.


Recently coming to light is this picture donated by John Chessell of himself  and friend, Josh Hanna playing inside the Dragoon in 1967

An enlargement of an aerial photograph gives us a rare glimpse of how it looked.
Known landlord/manager From: The Worthing Journal

1866 - J Robinson
1878 - Alfred Manner
1890 - Charles Green
1899 - George Heryet
1905 - George Heryet
1915 -
Giovanni Trimarco
1925 - George Ainsworth (Volunteer Inn)
1938 - FJ Cooper (Dragoon)
1960's Ted McMurrich.

1962 - Richard White

1889: Margaret Burchett, who lived at the Volunteer Inn, appeared before Worthing magistrates with a baby in her arms to answer a charge of being drunk in Chapel Road. She pleaded guilty and was fined 5s, or if she failed to pay, five days in prison with hard labour.