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DOLPHIN - DOMINION ROAD - 1931 to 2014

The Dolphin pub, or the Blue Dolphin as it was originally called, was built in the classic roadhouse style of the 1930s. The brewery was not just targeting the local drinker anymore but the motorist in particular. These building were often wide, built near busy roads (corners and bends were a favourite) and offered the ease of a forecourt car park.

Built in 1931, it was used for Roman Catholic services prior to the opening of St Borromeo's. A blue dolphin plaque sits on the right-hand side of the church door as a tribute to the pubs services.

A new picture has recently come to light. This depicts the very early days of the Dolphin in, we estimate, the 1930s. The front garden has yet to be defined. One, possibly two  gentlemen appear to be sitting (slumped?) on a bench in the foreground.
A recent find, 5 troop, Number 3 Commando taking a break outside the Dolphin pub in May 1944.

It has been at least five years since I last visited the Dolphin pub in east Worthing and I discovered a dramatic change. The single open bar has been divided into two distinct sections - the smaller public bar with pool table, and a much larger dining section advertised as The Flint Kitchen.

There appears to be a third bar that was occupied at the time of my visit, which leads to the large back garden. I am pleased to say that I did spot a Bar Billiard table in a corner.

UPDATE 17th February 2014
The Dolphin closed in 2013 and rumours spread that Tesco's were interested in acquiring the property, with the view of converting it into a Tesco Express.

in February this year we paid a visit ourselves to see if we could discover more. The following pictures, and a chat with a man on the site, confirmed that the interior had been stripped out completely. Unfortunately we weren't allowed in (Heath & Safety) to see for ourselves.

We can confirm that one of the men on site had Tesco on the back of his High-Visibility vest.

Rescued from the sad demise of the Dolphin Pub
By Debbi Pilkington. This beautiful stained glass window is now in the possession of Worthing pubs.
Contributions by Laura Weeks below
Waiting for the pub to open?
Debbie Butler and Nigel Weeks outside the Dolphin in 1978
Our thanks to Laura (daughter) Looks like it ended well for these two.

Laura's 16th Birthday in 1997

Known landlords
1931 - Mrs Gom
1932 - John Thomas Woolmore
2007 - David Stocken