Almost unbelievably, the buildings above would become the Charles Dickens pub that we know today. As you can see it had a front garden. Later this land was used to build shops whilst keeping an entrance to the house/hotel in the middle. Later it all merged as one, becoming the now exsisting frontage. Keep this in mind when you walk up the steps inside that used to be outside!


Heene Road, or Lane as it was at the time of the photograph, was home to some rather splendid villa style houses, and still is to this day. The one in this picture (left) is 'Chipton' taken around 1870.

Heene was very much a separate area to Worthing, starting life as a small and somewhat sparse village. The two, as we know, eventually merged . The villa became the Chipton Club in the 60s and early 70s.


In c1973 it was to become Strollers and much later the Charles Dickens, purchased by Garry Cox who also owned the Swan in the High street.


Two maps showing Chipton Villa, the first dated 1920 and the second, 1965. At first glance it would appear that the building has grown forward, whereas the two unnumbered rectangles were actually separate properties, possibly shops (as one rumour goes). Access to the villa was via a narrow covered passage between the two.


This more detailed picture of the villa shows it was an extensive property with spacious grounds. Today the building still enjoys a large back garden. We note that the path up to the front steps also shows what was possibly an entrance to the cellar area to the left of the steps. We are of a mind that some time after the two extra buildings were attached to the front of the property, these were to merge forming one single property.
As you enter the building today you will note that to get to the bar you have to climb some steps. We believe that these are the very same steps that once led to the front door. Coincidently (or not), to the left of these steps is the entrance to a function room below, just where the old cellar entrance once was. It would appear that the outside is now inside!

The internal structure still reflects its origins as a rather large villa.  The bar is uniquely up a short flight of stairs. The bar itself isn't large by many pub standards but the layout invites you to drift off to one of the four separate areas.

Downstairs features one room with Victoria style arm chairs whilst across the hall is a more traditional set up. Upstairs a relaxing lounge and a well lit dining area.

The front has ample room outside with wooden tables and benches. The rear garden is very large, a summer hot spot we would imagine.
Below ground level is a function room and on the second floor a pool table.


An article that appeared in Time & Tide in 1964 mentions Chipton as a place to stay on the south coast. the article reads:

Worthing. Different holidays, purpose built double flatlets, separate kitchens, Licensed, Bed/breakfast obtainable. Adjacent sea, beautiful countryside, Chipton, Heene Road, Worthing. Tel: 30355

Known landlord/manager