New Street Brewery

New Street


The New Street Inn started life as a simple Beer house around 1832 and became a brewery in 1863. George Pacy is perhaps the most well known name linked with the brewery. We know he had the property in 1881 having moved in to town from Berstead near Bognor Regis.

The New Street Brewery that carried his name was very successful indeed and benefited from its own well although sadly one of his young daughters 11-year-old Mary Pacy died in the Worthing typhoid epidemic in 1893 from drinking contaminated water from elsewhere.



For a period the brewery was known as 'Pacy's Bloodhole' a name said to derive from the habit of fishermen gutting their fish whilst enjoying a pint.

I have to admit I find that just a little hard to believe, it would be more reasonable perhaps that the fishermen having gutted their recent catch than retreated to the brewery for a well deserved pint or two still with their aprons in place, an interesting sight and one that could easily be exaggerated.

George Pacy died in May 1931 and his son Sydney carried on the business.

Comparing the picture on the left with the one directly below we can still see some reminders of the brewery, The brewery entrance is in the same place and George's house next door is identical except for the paintwork and a TV Ariel.

1947 and the business was brought out by the Stockwell Brewery of London who demolished the brewery and built the public house.


Left - pictured as it is today, a Mexican food bar. You can clearly see that the building stretches a long way back as would be expected of an ex brewery.

Interesting to note that the lamp post position remains almost the same.




 An original Pacy brewery Jug, screw top. I think this style was a later range, earlier versions had the name and address embossed in the ceramic itself. My thanks to Alan Pacy for permission to photograph this item.


A rarity perhaps, an extra E in Street.

1832 - Beer House
1863 - Brewery established
1881 - George Pacy
1891 - George Pacy
1901 - George Pacy
1905 - George Pacy
1932 - Sydney Pacy (son)
1936 - Purchased by Hammertons
1947 - Purchased by Stockwell Brewery
1950 - Re-fronted
1964 - 1990 - Sue & John (Jack) Walker
1991 - re-named 'A Towns's Pride'