Montague Brewery
Montague Street


This is Jacob Seale, a humble Worthing fisherman who became the respected owner of the Montague Brewery.

The Montague Brewery (and possible beer shop) had existed since before 1843 at 46 Montague Street, Jacob took over the running of the business in 1862.

Development in the growing Worthing town caused several renumbering of the buildings and so although the address changed several times the building stayed put!

Actually the building did move a little, a few feet backwards to allow a better uninterrupted flow along Montague Street.



Above: The old Montague Brewery in Montague street. The brewery had no need for a frontage in the street and so the visible part of the business were the offices above the shops. The picture above right shows the same plot of land now occupied by Here & Now and Peter Lord. You can just make out on the wall above Geering's the butchers where the brewery building joined on.
The lettering on the roof pediment which is barely discernable reads: Montague Brewery - Lambert & Norris.

Right: The Brewery superimposed in its original position.


An original brass printing plate from the brewery above with a reversed image on the right showing the detail that would appear on the finish lable.


Jacob Searle was born in Worthing in 1826 and started life as a fisherman. In 1862 he took over the running of the Montague Brewery. There were perhaps unasked questions how a simple fisherman could afford to take over a business like a brewery, some might have said there was an involvement in the local smuggling trade that was rife along the south coast. or perhaps assistance was from his father who had moved to Australia and made his fortune.

Joseph however did well, he also ran a cart hire business as well quite a feat for a man bringing up five children alone and couldn't even spell his own name. (his will was signed with his 'mark' a simple X)


The brewery survived in to the 20th century up until the first world war when it finally closed. the building was taken over by Walter Brothers. The building was demolished in 1969.


1843 - 1850 Mr Lephard
1855 - Francis Bartlett
1858 - Stephen Croucher
1862 - Jacob Searle
1886 - T Lock
1887 - 1888 - T Lock/J Searle/R Parsons
1889 - R Lee
1892 - George Lewis
1890 - F Potten


Special thanks to Mike Searle, Colin Greenyer and Carol Sullivan all of whom are related to Jacob Searle