Malt House
Thomas A Becket

A very recent discovery was of a Malthouse in the Thomas A Becket area.

It is believed that a John Baker bought the property in around 1843, Mr Baker was a maltster by trade and built the malthouse on the site.*


* From 'Tarring a walk through its history' by Roger Davies.

The map of 1876 clearly shows a malthouse which we have highlighted in pink, by tradition and need malthouses were naturally long buildings with a large open floor space.

Its graphical position places it neatly between Broadwater to the east, Tarring to the south and Salvington to the north west so it could supply any or all of the breweries in the area.

By 1898 the area had become known as Highfield and presumably the house below the malthouse was Highfield house.

The estate is set back from the main road in to Tarring Village, this road was later to become Rectory Road. We note that it has two enterences.


1954 and the malthouse is no more but the house is still a dominant feature set well back but now with a single access from the main road.
The almost hidden entrance to 'Highfield' from Rectory Road.
Present day: The house which is probably original dating back to before the 1870's still remains but there is no trace of the malthouse. The original entrance road remains curving up the left of the house here hidden by trees and leads to the building behind.