Jolly Brewers
Clifton Road

I guess the clues in the name!

The building originality started life as the Brewers Arms in around 1839 and was run by William Knowles but passed in to the Gravett family by 1858 with Thomas Gravett who named the brewery the New Town Brewery. Thomas is listed as a Maltster in 1861. His son Peter is listed as a brewer.

By 1881 the business is being run by his wife Rebecca, she is listed as head of the family and so it is presumed Thomas had died. The brewery had now become the Jolly Brewers at this time.




A quite rare stone beer jug from Rebecca Gravetts era which dates it to the late 1800's.

1891 and the occupier is now Jane Gravett, Jane was not one of Rebecca's seven children and so it looks like a different branch of the same family took over. Jane's step son George is listed as the brewer with his brother Harry as brewers assistant.

By 1901 George is listed as head of the household and a brewer of beer. His brother Peter is now his brewers assistant.

We know that George carried on until the 1920's. The brewery ceased brewing in 1921.

A George Gravett beer jug with an unusually positioned tap hole. This jug carries a patent number:

George Gravett's personal drinking tankard . . . probably.

The pewter tankard is now in the possession of Ken Sexton who comes from a publican family background.

The base is inscribed as: Geo Gravett New Town Brewery Worthing.

As you can see it is stamp embossed with a half pint proof mark and has his initials boldly on the front in ornate longhand.


Above is the layout of the original brewery in around 1875. We know that by 1954 the back end was described as a ruin and so we assume it had fallen in to disuse some time before. By 1979 the back end had completely disappeared and new development had taken place. The plan above shows what now stands in place of the original buildings.

An unusual thing about the west side of Clifton road was the extent to which the back gardens of the houses reached, it has been said that many of the gardens grew hops especially for the brewery.


David Thomas Brazier from a well known publican family in Worthing had the pub in the 1920's. the front was refaced in brick in 1934 and we think became a Kemp Town Brewery pub (unconfirmed).