Chapman's Brewery
Warwick Road


Chapman's Brewery, or to use the correct name, Chapman's Tower Brewery, can still be see in Warwick Road adjoining the Egremont Pub.

Built around 1835, this picture shows a sketch of the building as it looked  in c1897. Many of the features in the drawing can still be seen in the fabric of the building.

The brewery was taken over by  Kemp Town Brewery in 1924 and closed in 1926. It has since been converted in to apartments.

The arch above the original wooden door can still be seen.




Above, the building as it is today.

Looking closer at the building, the main archway over the entrance is still visible - now incorporated into the Egremont pub.




 left - an advert displaying the delights that the brewery produced.

In 1897 a 9 gallon cask of Chapman's Pale cost 9/- just 45p in modern currency.


H Chapman. Worthing. Hard rubber bottle top in situ. note Harry Chapman's initials in the centre.

Beer Jug Chapman brewery.

A rather curious item from the Chris Austin Collection. Its a ceramic screw top incorporating a lead weight and washer designed to act as a pressure release valve perhaps.

Note also that the letter N in Chapman is backwards.