Anchor Brewery

High Street, Littlehampton



Only having this old drawing from around 1880 to go on finding the original site of the Anchor Brewery was going to be a problem at first, until I noticed that in fact the brewery building had hardly changed at all, and nor thankfully had the neighbouring one.

The 'X' neighbouring building has three small upper windows and is set back slightly from the road making building 'B' the front of the brewery. I don't as yet know if the two arches survive.

1816 - James Corfe
1839 - George Constable







James Corfe started the brewery in 1816 which was taken over in 1850 by GB Puttock. in 1870 John Constable took over  and extended the buildings and yard, building the landmark square tower in 1871.

The brewery employed 60 men and had stabling in Duke Street.
It was closed in 1917 and the brewing business transferred to the Swallow Brewery in Arundel. The front of the building remained as an off licence until 1921.

The old brewery under the new ownership of Henty & Constable Ltd, turned its hand to producing mineral water under the name of Anchor Springs. The water being drawn from a well on the site reported to be 97 metres deep.

The iconic tower was cut down in 1940 to prevent it being a landmark for German aircraft.