Prior to being a pub, the premises was a baker's shop but one with a licence to sell alcohol. So, one could buy a large brown loaf and a bottle of Guinness.

When purchased with a view to changing use to a pub,  rather than apply for a licence and risk being refused, this was a ready made site. P. Cooper ex landlord

Opened in the early 70's by John Bachtiger and later managed by Alf Leaver then Paul Callister. (Stuart Elms)

Peter Cooper has recalled that the Balmoral became the Pawn and Castle, then Breakers and then Bar Next Door. It was also The Concord Bar for a while.


In 2015 whilst undergoing some renovation work, the front signage was removed revealing what we believe to be the original baker's shop sign.

Cathran Smith just happened to be walking by and took this picture and kindly passed it on to

Philip Wood has looked a little deeper and discovered that it was a bakery from the mid 1890s to the 1950s and remained in the hands of the Hale family during that time.

"He (Hales) had a licence there but he lost it because he was selling bootleg cider from Somerset - After he died it changed hands but up until the 60s there was a baker's there. - A chap called Parsons ran it at the end and he had a licence - my wife used to go in there and have a coffee and a nip with it if she wanted." David Sumner, chairman of the Worthing Society.

Note: the sign is painted on glass  
We were lucky enough to have a have a drink with Peter Cooper in December 2011 at the Selden Arms.  Peter now lives abroad but was over visiting friends, one of whom was Mark who joined us.

We heard may funny and fascinating stories and recollections but one item came as a complete surprise; it turns out the Balmoral was once known as Fagins, does anybody remember this, we assume it was a short lived name?

Left, kindly contributed is a staff picture with Peter in the middle. Where are Shelia & Marie now? 

The Bar Next Door, as you can see from these three pictures, has been transformed in to what I personally refer to as an 'Ikea' pub. This is not meant to be detrimental comment but rather reflects the taste of the time and the clientele.

Although it's situated in the west of the town,  it's a great place to meet up and start the evening as we found out ourselves recently. (June 2011).


Known landlord/manager  

1970 - John Bachtiger
Alf Leaver ? to ?
Peter Callister ? to 1979
Peter Cooper 1979 to 1983
2014 - Tina De Lacy & Mark Archer