Welcome to www.worthingpubs.com, dedicated to researching the history of our local pubs.

This study is ongoing and we welcome contributions, stories, pictures etc that will expand our knowledge and bring back memories of times past.
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The website was started when I left the Selden Arms one evening having studied the old pictures on the walls and realised not only were they local pubs, but that many of them no longer existed. When I got home I started a list of pubs I could recall and looked them up on the internet, information was scarce or non-existent, this I felt had to be put right.

Worthing Pubs dot Com was created to record for posterity those that have gone, those that have changed and those who's life was fleeting. Change is of course inevitable but they all played a part in shaping Worthing.

I was pleased to be contacted by Colin Walton who had a similar idea some years ago and expressed an interest in joining forces, Colin has a strong Worthing pedigree, a keen interest in local history and an excellent memory!

Together we will continue our research and bring you the collective results here as and when we discover them.

We have discovered that research can be a very slow process, memories fade or become muddled, photographs and memorabilia are hidden away in attics and cellars only to be thrown away on the death of an elderly relative.  We are grateful to those that have taken the time to contacted us with pictures and information.

Worthing Pub History wasn't created just for our benefit but for the people of Worthing, we hope questions are answered, memories stirred and good times recalled, it is clear there is an interest and we're happy to continue our self appointed task.

This year alone we have seen the loss of the several pubs we know more will follow despite the best efforts of the landlords and regulars. Many favourite haunts of ours such as the Old England or the New street will never return but they are still in living memory (just). Traditional pubs just aren't traditional anymore.

We are always pleased to receive comments good or bad and we welcome corrections as we do sometimes get things wrong. This site is non commercial and makes no profit, all costs are met by ourselves, but if you should bump into us then a pint would be welcome!