Bar, pub, where do we draw the line. Basically, if it sells beer, we're interested.

The Marine View is one of those places that you just walk by without noticing its existence. This is in part due to it being below street level and a guest house. One subconsciously assumes its for patrons only. This is not the case .

The building is situated at 111 Marine Parade, in a terrace between the Travel Lodge to its east and the Premier Inn to the west and its a gem between two giants - and so it is with some reluctance that we reveal its existence. Its more like a pub than some pubs I know. Open from 6pm.


Simple and cleaver Repurposed oil drums

 Above, a plastered archway with a secret in plain sight.


If you have an artistic leaning then you will appreciate the surroundings along with the comfort. Both the owners, Jane and Martyn Grubb are skilled in both.

The couple have been the owners for three years. The bar however came into being 19 years before that. Apparently it was a popular haunt for disco types and the decor had a more Neptune themed note - as in a fishing nets and plastic starfish kind of way.

Known landlord/managers  

2016 - Jane & Martyn Grubb