Gatsby's Bar was situated on the end of the Berkeley Hotel in Marine parade, now the Travel lodge. Originally a Cocktail lounge run by Geoffrey Cunningham.  It was apparently owned by the Varani family.

We're not sure what the previous history is but we think it may have been a bar called 'English's' in the late 70s. Possibly something to do with Pete

Pete English, or so we're led to believe. Colin ( recalls it from around 1985 and thinks it wasn't there long.

"In the Late eighties I turned Gatsby's Cocktail lounge (at the Berkley Hotel) into a live music Bar, great fun till noise abatement shut us down"

"The only picture I have from Gatsby's bar. This was "Switch" formally Stateside: if anyone has any pictures or video from there would love to see them. This was taken around 1986."
Geoff Cunningham