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This study is ongoing and we welcome contributions, stories, pictures etc that will expand our knowledge and bring back memories of times past.
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The Friends of Broadwater & Worthing Cemetery
Christopher Green
Michele Preston. (The Selden Arms Lyndhurst Road)
Trevor Meads.
Richard Vobes. (Vobes.com)
Paul Stoneman
Paul Holden. (The Worthing Journal)
Chris Hare (Author & Historian)
Nick Hallard. (Pub sign painter)
Simon from Belgium.
Nikki of Worthing.
Carol Sullivan. (Montague Brewery History)
Roger Cloake. (Musician)
Stan Westwood.
Phil Boiling.
Andy Robertson.
Sue Walker. (Landlady New Street Inn)
Deborah O'Boyle.

Mandy Skilton.
Leona Angus
Sue Nea
Lionel Leighton / www.sunnyworthing.co.uk
Ron Kerridge (Historian)
Dave Hunt 'Mr Worthing'
Chris Austin Sussex bottle and jug collector.
Graham Lelliott (Ball Tree demolition video)
Chris Taylor
Steve Porter
Ben Cullen
Colin Reid (Friends of Broadwater Cemetery)
Trevor Rowe (West Tarring Bowling Club)
Jane Curtis (Curtis & Sons estate agents)
Kevin Jenkins (Anchor Springs Brewery)
Simon Budd
Joan Bush
Noreen Lavender
John Bachtiger
R Norris (Castle Inn & George and dragon)
Robert Gascoigne
Ray & Debbi Pilkington (ale-inatent.co.uk)
Sarah House (The Elms)
Terry McCann
Mike Searle.
Colin Greenyer. (Montague Brewery History)
Barrie Keech. (History researcher)
Stuart Elms. (Bus to the Pub - Camra)
Peter Cooper. (ex landlord Balmoral Bar)
David Jefferies and The Jefferies family of East Grinstead.
Alan & Barrie Pacy. (Pacy's Brewery - New Street Inn)
David Muggleton. (Author & History researcher)
Dick Pike.
Nightshift Phil.
Colin Walton. (History researcher & co -author Worthing Pubs.com)
Peter Huntly.
(Half Brick)
Mike Lawrence.

Jim Waterston.
Patrick Montgomery (USA)
Mark Abbott.
Michael Clinch. (Chatsworth Hotel)
Beer Box Gary.
Chris Scott.
Graham Wood.
Terry Courtnadge
Edward Street
Noreen Lavender
Peter Walden
Simon Jones
Pete Clark
Sandra Chapman
Andrew Moulding
Steve Harrison
Derek Reeves
James Greenfield
Zoe Cross
Graeme Duckworth (Southdown)
Patrick Howell
Steve Coombes
Colin Reid (Kings Arm's descendant)
Leigh Lawson
Jason Woodford (Landlord descendant)
Greg Grundy - Egremont
Terry Courtnadge
Peter Tavender
Mark & Andy O'keeffe
Mick Coyne
Peter Cook
Stephen Welch
If I've missed you let me know.