BEER NO EVIL - 82 Brighton Road

Beer No Evil was opened on the 26th of October 2018 by Gareth  Harries and Gemma Clegg and describes itself as craft beer shop and tap room. As with another micropub owner I met recently, there seems to be an urge to get away from the label Micropub and interpret differently. We should keep in mind that, if you so desire, you can just walk in and take a freshly filled bottle away with you, or stay for a chat and drink in.


The widow bench is made out of recycled scaffolding boards and the main table, a pallet. No sense in wasting good material.


Intrigued by this curious device I was to discover that it was the Counter Pressure bottle filler. A selection of switches decides which of the beers currently on tap goes into these takeaway bottles. The device is purged after each fill to clean and prevent cross contamination.


The unusually large sliding door resembling the entrance to a cold storage unit is in reality the toilet. The extra width and ability to be easily opened makes it ideal for the less able.


Gareth & Gemma