Tim and his brother Mat opened the Beach House on the 27th of March 2014. Some may recall the first attempt at opening a bar here under the name of 'Ghost'. This was to later become a burger bar, possibly 'Big Al's' if memory serves. Thankfully the Beach house looks to fair much better.

There is a growing trend towards these cafe-bar combinations. It is very much a cafe that sells beer rather than a pub that sells food. However saying that, they do have a selection of four real ales on tap.



Ghost - 2008 - 2009

Prior to the Beach House the building stood empty for some time. It became the Ghost Bar and sadly lived up to that name. Set on Worthing's seafront with the intention of being a cocktail style bar, it attracted little attention. Later it changed theme to a Poker Bar which also didn't hit the spot.

Opened around 2008, closed March 2009.
2011: Al's American Diner, burger bar.

Known Landlord/manager  

Owners: Tim & Mat Taylor