Naming convention:

    Other examples, such as The Lennox verses the Rivoli, came down to what came first. The Old England Bar was more commonly known locals as The Frog Pond. The Richard Cobden is forever The Cobden simply because its quicker to say than its full title and not harking back to when it was The Cobden Arm's
    In order to alleviate the problem of trying to remember a pubs 'once given' I have created a list of all the variations I could find that link to what that pub or building is today. You'll find this option in the top title bar in a box marked 'Was once or is Now'.

No doubt questions will be asked as to why the main page lists some pubs using their older names rather than their current ones.
    I have stuck to the 'Best Known' principle. The Thieves Kitchen for example resides more in peoples memory than for example, The Vintners Parrot, even though it started life as the Vintners Arm's. (which it later became again - but without the Arm's bit!)




I welcome any contact regarding the history of our local pubs. A small snippet of information, a landlords name, the chance to examine and record memorabilia and yes, corrections are very welcome. Yes that includes spooling errors and Grandma.

Photographs are particularly welcome. Not just of the pubs themselves, but also the people inside too. If you can't scan an old picture then one taken by a mobile phone is just as welcome. I will assume that you are giving worthingpubs permission to place on the website for all to enjoy. I don't pass pictures on to others without prior consent.



Yes I've chosen one or two pubs that fall outside the normal Worthing catchment area but are near enough to be known by name with locals. (once upon a time)

This was a difficult one as some hotels welcomed non-patrons and became regular haunts for locals whilst others remained more low key or exclusive.



Another conundrum. Whilst not pubs they certainly were drinking establishments but favouring lager and cocktails rather than the ale. Some are listed, others not. Maybe a section of their own later?

There've been a few and so to that end, a section will be made for their attention in due course



It started off in a pub of course. I used to be regular weekend town drinker in my youth when cigarette machines and Watney's Red Barrel were commonplace. In my befuddlement of the period I paid little attention to the establishments themselves - their history of no interest and of course cameras took film - expensive to develop - and subsequently not something one carried unlike today's digital equivalent. Sadly drinking and roaring around on motorcycles had to stop, replaced with a wife, children and a car.

Some 30 years later I purposely set foot inside a pub once more, this time to discover for myself the allure and rising interest in Real Ale. The place was the Selden Arms opposite the huge gasometer (now gone) Michele the Landlady was very welcoming. After confirming my growing liking towards the strange brews I discovered that the walls were adorned with pub pictures, or more to the point, local pubs.

This aroused my interest and after eventually finding my way home unaided, with the exception of the occasional guiding garden wall and lamppost, I set about the internet trying to discover what had happened to them, some of which I had foggy recall.

This was when I discovered . . . nothing. No one had bothered to keep track of our liquid repast with their smoke laden yellowed curtains and crunchy carpets. (no mention of the toilets as my vocabulary proves to be inadequate for such a description)

Eager to correct this situation, I set about gathering as much information as I could so that at least a basic list, peppered with the occasional picture, would be there on the Googleweb for like-minded brethren to discover. I see you found it. 

Worthingpubs.com is totally self supported by myself. No commercial interests, no adverts and subsequently, no outside influence. It is not a pub review site, although I might rave about something new if its an improvement to what was before. I will accept a beer if you should happen upon me.